Looking for extra gains? Try insects.

Include one of the most protein and mineral-rich food sources in your food plan and get stronger.

1 May 2021
7 minute read
Girl holding up a barbell

A Beginner's Guide to cooking with insects

Some simple tips and tricks to always get your favorite insects cooked to perfection

3 April 2021
6 minute read
Grasshopper ready to be grinded
Tried & Tested

Tested: SENS Serious Cricket Protein Bars

SENS delivers maximal output for minimal input

10 March 2021
3 minute read
Home workout equipment and some Sens Serious Bars
Tried & Tested

Tested: Cricket Bolognese

Interested to see how insects fit in the Italian cuisine? Imago might have the answer.

27 February 2021
3 minute read
Spaghetti Bolognese with the sauce from Imago Insects

Delicacies that were once taboo

Love avocado or sushi? Then there's no reason not to love insects!

20 February 2021
6 minute read
Differently cooked oysters on a rectangular plate
Tried & Tested

Tested: SENS Pleasure Bars

Find out how SENS has perfectly figured out the principle of less is more

24 January 2021
4 minute read
SENS Pleaure Cricket Protein Bar Dark Chocolate & Orange