Tested: SENS Serious Cricket Protein Bars

TL;DR: Keeping it lean and clean, the bars are a very good sustainable proten source, with a rather distinct taste...
Home workout equipment and the Sens Serious Cricket Protein Bars
The Sens Serious Cricket Protein Bars are part of our (home-) workout equipment these days.

After such a long time without a gym, we are now perfectly equipped for our home workouts: a yoga mat, resistance bands, a jumping rope, some creativity and off we go. The one thing we have still not made up our mind about though: our post-workout treat. Which is exactly where the Protein Bars of SENS come in.

Looking for a sustainable way of getting your protein in, you can't miss the Serious Cricket Protein Bars from SENS. They are not only full of natural ingredients, but also rich in nutritions and low on the bullshit.

The (boring) facts

Simplicity and quality are keys to the ingredients of every SENS bar. With few, high-quality and sustainable ingredients you know exactly what you get: a nutritious bar without added preservatives. Let's start with the Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Bar: The most important ingredient is peanut butter, there is 20% cricket flour (which is a high percentage for insect products) , dates, plant-based protein and cinnamon. Done. The Bitter Cocoa & Sesame Bar is made out of 20% cricket flour, 17% tahini, dates, 13% cocoa mass, plant-based protein and 7% sesame protein.

The two bars are very similar in nutritional values and per 60 grams you get the following:

  • 250 kcal
  • 20 grams of (mostly) sustainable cricket protein
  • 10 grams of carbs
  • 3 grams of fiber
  • 14 grams of high-quality fats

But how does it taste?

Less sugar and more natural ingredients are not only advertised, this is exactly how the bars taste as well. They are simply not sweet, which is a big difference to 99% of all protein bars out there. And without that sweet flavour, they immediately taste a lot more natural than all those protein bars as well. You actually taste the ingredients. They also don't stick to every tooth, are rather dry but soft and pleasant to eat.

We have to say we did not really like the Bitter Cocoa & Sesame version, for the simple fact that all we tasted was bitterness. Both tahini and cocoa are very acid in taste. Putting these two ingredients in one protein bar, we were actually not sure what we were tasting: the single ingredients or just pure bitterness...

On the other hand, we really liked the Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Bar and this will be definitely become a regular for us. It somehow tasted like Christmas. And is there anything better than Christmas?! The answer is NO.