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Three new Catch-your-bug Insect Protein Snacks
Let us introduce you to: The new range of Catch-your-bug products!

Introducing Catch-your-bug

Assuming you have checked out our recipe page (who doesn't?!) you surely have heard of Catch-your-bug. They offer a range of products from freeze-dried insects to insect flour that we love to use as a topping, standalone snack, or ingredient.

Having started early this year, Catch-your-bug (check out the website here) is a new kid on the block. Nevertheless, they have already found a unique selling point as they are working closely together with the only approved edible insect breeder in Germany.

We definitely want to know more about the goals of the campaign, who Catch-your-bug is and what they stand for. To find out, we asked Marco, the founder, for an interview!


Let's start off with getting to know you a little better: who is behind catch-your-bug?

Catch-your-bug was founded by me, Marco Schebesta, at the beginning of 2020. My goal is to inform others about the advantages that go along with establishing insects as a sustainable source of food. I’m grateful to have a highly qualified team that has the same spirit as I do.

We try to inspire people to try edible insects by informing about the environmental as well as the nutritional advantages insects do offer us and also by offering attractive products. We are convinced that insects can help us to live more sustainably and to protect the climate.

Not only do we wanna know who you are, but also the reasons why you started selling products based on edible insects?

A friend of me who is diploma biologist told me that he is part of the first edible insects breading company within Germany. He convinced me that insects can help to master a lot of challenges we face today. Hence I wanted to help him and started to build up the website catch-your-bug.

A question we ask a lot in our interviews: more and more edible insect brands and products are being launched - and the majority is very tasty as well. How do you differentiate your products from the competition and what makes catch-your-bug unique?

It’s great so see so many insect start-ups emerging as we can only establish insects as sustainable food by informing people together. We already support other start-ups by offering attractive conditions for our insects.

I think our unique selling point is that we are manufacturer and salesman as well. Hence we can offer attractive conditions and short delivery distances. I think especially the short delivery distances are a very important argument as we try to establish insects by telling people how sustainable the whole process of manufacturing and dispatching is.

How regularly do you eat insects yourself? Every day?

Insects are very tasty and good for our body as well. Due to that I do often add them to different meals. Sometimes just as a topping on rice and pasta on other days I use the insect powder for upgrading my smoothies or breakfast bowls.

You are just about to start a crowdfunding campaign. Tell us more about your goals and product launch!

[Allsect]: "Flavoured insects are another attractive product to lower the barrier of consuming insescts and make it everyone's snack for anytime of the day. The crowfunding campain is aiming to fund the launch of the following three new flavoured insect snacks."

  1. BBQ Acheta (crickets with BBQ flavour)
  2. Salt & Pepper Acheta (crickets with salt & pepper)
  3. Cinnamon & sugar Acheta (crickets with cinnamon & sugar)

Later on additional flavours like Chili Acheta, Curry Acheta and Forest Herbs Acheta are also planned to be added.

What is your favorite food to eat insects with?

I really love green salad with roasted crickets as a topping.

So far most of the insect products are based on insects grown in the EU but outside of Germany. How did the collaboration between you and Six feet to eat, the first approved insect breeder of Germany, come about?

The biologist who works for six feet to eat is a good friend of mine and we used to play squash together. He infected me with his enthusiasm for edible insects and that was the reason why I decided to found Catch-your-bug, the E-commerce platform of six feet to eat.

The founders of Catch-your-bug
The edible insect founding team

Support the future of food!

We believe that insects are the food of the future and are excited about the crowdfunding campaign of Catch-your-bug. The campaign launched today and you have until the 15th of September to show your support. You will even be rewarded with a bunch of crunchy crickets in return!